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This was my June 2016. by Kirsten Grønfeldt

June is a distant memory now and this weekend I returned home to an apartment full of dead and nearly-dead plants. I have been away for the past two weeks, first visiting some friends (and many mosquitoes) at their summerhouse in Vasa, Finland and second, attending Det Danske Sangselskab's Lied Course held in Slagelse, Denmark. It was my first time as a participant at this course which is held every other year. It lasted a week and was held in a place called Liselund where we attended and participated in daily masterclasses,   drank coffee, practiced a lot and when we were not doing any of those things we were being fed, extremely well. I did ask more than once if I might be allowed to take the chef home with me once the week had ended but the idea was frowned upon. I attended the course with my duo partner Rima Chačaturian and we both found it a very productive, exciting and inspiring week.  It was terrific to take a week out to focus only on the German Lied repertoire. The wonderful instructors were baritone Bo Skovhus and pianist Andreas Haefliger. It was brilliant to work with them and also to listen to them work with the other duos. Rima and I added quite a few titles to our ever increasing repertoire wish list.

Here are some photos from the course, the first is of Rima and me in a masterclass with Bo Skovhus working on some Strauss and the second is a very deliberately posed photo of myself and Bo at the final dinner. I had mentioned to him that my mother (who lives in Canada) only has facebook in order to check in on me. He then suggested we take a photo together to try to make her believe I had found an older man in Denmark. The end result is one of my favourite photos ever.

And here are some more photos from the course. The first one is with my incredible mentor, Eva Hess Thaysen and the second is a rather cozy pianist and soprano sandwich consisting of one Rima Chačaturian and one Ida Andersson on the other side.

It feels like ages ago now but before all of this Lieder and before Finnish midnight sun and mosquitoes, I spent a week working as a substitute with the Den Jyske Operas Kor (Danish National Opera Chorus) for some concerts they had in Bogense and Hadsten. This was my second time this year joining them on a project and both experiences and been so positive from start to finish. The people are terrific and the projects they make are fun and interesting, not to mention the touring  around Denmark that has gone with these projects. It is a definite perk of the work is to see places you otherwise might not have visited.

Thank you Den Jyske Operas Kor for a wonderful week! Here are some instagram highlights from the Brus og Bobler concerts which were conducted by  Jesper Nordin and accompanied by Peter Pade:

Thanks so much for reading my first blog post! xx

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